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- Questions answered about Labor Relation Issues

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How long do I have to retain student records?

BlackBoard Wars a 5 minute clip
BiPolar Disorder
Google "even more"
eBoard CFN531
Channel Thirteen Resources
Online VIdeos-Vimeo
Video- Common Core Library-Introduction to Text Complexity
Linda-Darling Hammond: April 6th Presentation
vital -videos for teaching and other resources
Video: Charlotte Danielson: Assessing Effective Teaching Practices
Video: Charlotte Danielsons 22 Components of Great Teaching
Video: 10th Grade Social Studies Teacher Teaching Imperialism You need to sign in to ARIS Learns
Bring Your A GameThanks Ms. Steele
Existentialism Part 2
NAVY SEALS- How the mind works in orer to increase special forces passing rate.
Teach or to Educate
Keep Vid to download videos from Youtube etc-Thanks I.Oliver
538: Is This Working?- Discipline in school- Thanks Mr. Frankel
Training The Brain from Navy SEALs training Richard DuFour Passion and Persistence
Differences between High School Responsibilities vs College Responsibilities
English online grammar quiz
Larry Wilson's LEAP group
NYC teacher development toolkit
Progress Reports
MUVE- River City
Jasper Series
Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity
Chancellor Regulations
Literacy Strategies Glossary
Capturing Kid's Heart
Motivational Breakthrough Part 1
Motivational Breakthrough part 2

Motivational Breakthrough Part 3

Motivational Breakthrough part 4

Motivational Breakthrough part 5
Motivational Breakthrough part 6
Motivational Breakthrough part 7
Motivational Breakthrough final clip part 8
Philip Zimbardo - The Secret Powers of Time
Test Your Mindset-by Carol Dweck - Thanks Zelda
Middle Tennessee University Learning Style Survey and Learning Strategies and study skills
Classroom management - Week 1, Day 1

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
College and Career readiness- Did you know
A Vision of K-12 Students Today
5 minute Educational videos
Instructional Development Timeline
Science Daily- Latest research news on Learning etc-Thanks Dr. Conteh
HIghly Skilled workers wanted
PBS analysis of Pres Obama's State of The Union Address January 2011
Lumosity Brain Games
PBS educational Resources
PBS VIDEOS- Thanks Tim G
Macbeth movie Rupert Goold's film adaptation starring Sir Patrick- Thanks Tim G
JigSaw Technique for Reading text
Curriculum Mapping: Mapping our students' future Annjohnson .Yolasite
NYSCATE _ computer and technology in education
Michael Jordan Commercial- Maybe Its My Fault
First Tech League
Welcome to your Brain

Text analyzer- Thans Mr. Edey

Thanks Ms. Jackson
Visual Thesaurus
CCSS- Sample Performance Task
Pearson common core

ELA Curriculum
Dr. Stephen "Bird" Birchak Character development
2011 Grades 3–8 English Language Arts and Mathematics Test Specifications
Office of Assessment Policy, Development and Administration
New English Regents Sampler
Math Practice And Learning Program - Free For Teachers
past ENYFA math and science PD
ELA Performance standards
All Kind Of Minds- research page
All Kinds Of Minds Language module
Moodle a learning management system
Learning Matters
EdSolution Regentsprep
21st century schools
MS53 resources
inside mathematics contains videos of teachers teaching a math lessons
Core knowledge Blog- David steiner gets it
Jerry Seinfeld teaches History
Forum Network PBS Lecture Videos
National Center Education Statistics
Scantron How to create exams
Charlotte Danielson Articles
Accountable Talk video of Lauren Resnick
Did You Know ( stats)
A Vision of K-12 Schools
Discovery Education
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
Roger Taylor Curriculum Design for Excellence
Brooklyn Historical Society
Albert Shanker Institute- thanks Rob
Using Video in the Classroom
Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domains
Rubicon for ENYFA
xtranormal movie maker-Thanks Rob
animoto creates video slide shows-Thanks Rob
Harvard Education Letter-Thanks Rob
High School Graduation Requirements
High School Special Needs Graduation requirements
NY state Diploma Requirement part 100
Regents schedules
Rethinking your own grading practices
Standards-Based Grading with Traditional Grading Scales
Standards-Based Grading Revisited
Assessment and Grading in the Differentiated Classroom
Common-Core Writers Craft Curriculum Criteria
Comic Strip creator
Md. Teachers Get Training on Common Standards
Math For AmericaThanks Prof Laurie Rubel
Helen Ponella
Math Counts - Videos , math tasks and puzzlesThanks Helen Ponella
Brownstone DigitalThanks Ron Morgan
Taming Assessment Simulation
Knomia- Lessons Plan for every subjest area- Thanks Ian
Scholastic Art and Writing awardsThanks Ian
US Census- Statistical InfoThanks Ian
Pro and Con Discussion over controversial Issue- Thanks Ian
RubiStar- creates rubrics
Social Networking Group Project
Blue eye vs brown eye lesson on discrimination and oldy but goody-Thanks P. McFarlane
BING Translates Written documents
summer school resources for supervisors
Find NYC government and information services
Alan November: A Look at Student Learning and Our Future
TEDxNYED - Alan November
November Learning- The First Five Days of School
Theory Of Action Presentation by Diane Lauer

We Team Teach- Collaborative Team Teaching
Seven Tips to Make Teacher Collaboration Time Productive
Danielson Framework 22 components to Great Teaching

Teach Like a Champion: Getting everyone's attention in class
Power My Learning
SEDL Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

Rubric for Speeches- Teacher Planet
Oral Presentation Rubric

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Rubric creator
Promise Practices Library
US Education Dpt

Doing What Works

How to organize your teaching

National Assessment of Educational Progess

NAEP for Science



NYC Teacher page
United Kingdom Math and other disciplines with videos

ENYFA PAST Professional Development workshops

How to access and complete the Grade File

Proposed National Education Standards
Jing on creating test on Scantron Performance series

Paulo Freire: Chapt 2 of Pedagogy of the oppressed
Education Nation - WNBC interviews President Obama

School Management
NYCDOE Consent forms for permission to FIlm or share photographs of students

Safety and Violence resourcesELA Curriculum

US should try Finland education initiatives by Cindy Jones

Engage NY
Teaching Channel- Teaching Videos
College Virtual ToursThanks Tim Gilmore

MathWarehouse Thanks Don Van.
College Board Webinar sereies on the CCSS
Engage NY on the Common Core
Solution Inn- Student Tutorial Help online
Teacher Net- Teacher Resources
Learn Zillion- videos on teaching to the common core

Health Curriculum

School of thinking Different Hats - Thanks Mr. Edey
World Newspapers Translated Into English -Thanks Tim G

Learning Objectives
Instructional Obhjectives
Synthesis of Research / Reading Comprehension: What Works
2010-A Review of the Current Research on Comprehension Instruction

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Publishers’ Criteria for the Common Core State Standards in ELA and Literacy

- Student Removal procedures

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