Hey Team I hope all is well and you find this wiki to be helpful.
I am uploading some of our documents from our coursework.
Taming Assessment Simulation
School Leadership Videos
Capturing Kid's Hearts
School Aollocation Memorandums
Block scheduling handbook
Part 100 regulations
New standard for proficiency: college readiness
Moodle Learning Management system
Principle of Adult learners
Professional Development video library
Core knowledge Blog
Jerry Seinfeld teaches history
Timeline of American education
Jean Piaget society
What is a professional learning community
Aventa online courses for credit recovery
Plato credit recovery program
National School Reform Faculty
Forum Network PBS Lecture videos
Sir Ken Robinson:Do schools Kill creativity/
A Framework for Learning to Teach
nycdoe bookmarks

Protocols from NSRF
Questioning Strategies to Improve Student Thinking
Types of Feedback and Their Purposes
Urgent vs Important
How to give good feedback
Chancellor Regulations
New York State DOE Information reporting services

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